Employee Spotlight of the Week

Where are you from? Where did you go to school?
I grew up in Frankfort, ME where I attended Searsport District High School. I completed my undergraduate studies at UMO and my graduate studies at USM.
Share something about your family and/or pets.
My husband Stephen and I have two boys, Henry is in first grade and Isaac is two years old. We also have two loving and frisky cats, Meeko and Luna Bell.
What makes you proud to be a member of the MSAD #51 community?
I could list so many reasons! The dedication and efforts that each of my colleagues put forward to help students grow is one of my top reasons. Another element that makes me proud of MSAD #51 is the teamwork that I witness daily from staff and students alike to ensure an equitable learning environment. There is no place like Greely!
When you are not in school, what can you be found doing?
When I'm not in school, I can be found playing with my boys, hiking, crafting, or baking.
What celebrity would you cast to play you in the movie of your life?
I'd have to say, Kristen Wiig.
What was your favorite class in school?
I loved science in school - I always enjoy a good experiment.