June 2022 Newsletter

From the Principal’s Desk


The final stretch is upon us! Here are a few important updates:


Step Up Day - Wednesday, June 8th: 

We are excited to be returning to an in-person Step Up Day! Incoming 4th graders will join me in the gym for a brief introduction to GMS 4-5 before heading off to their new homeroom. Incoming 5th graders will reshuffle and meet their new class and teachers. Incoming 6th graders will meet Mrs. Trebilcock and Mr. Lariviere in the cafeteria before heading off to their bird or mountain team meeting area.


Project ACES Field Day - Wednesday, June 15th:

We had some incredibly helpful volunteers last week prepping our tie dye shirts, and many more who are doing the dying and laundering at home. Mrs. Belmore is busy organizing fun, cooperative activities. While this is not a spectator event; if you would like to take part, you can sign up to volunteer. More information is contained later in this newsletter. 


Last Day of School - Friday, June 17th:

Please help your child ensure that all borrowed materials are brought to school before the last day, including classroom and library books, spare Chromebook chargers, etc. We are looking forward to the return of our 5th grade Variety Show. Dismissal is at 12:30pm.


Progress Reports:

You will receive an email that your child’s digital progress report is available for viewing in the Parent Portal of Powerschool (K-5). Paper copies will only be sent home upon request. If you need to update your contact information, follow this link for instructions on how to do so. Our teachers spend a considerable amount of time gathering and analyzing information to ensure accurate reporting about your child’s progress to date. If you have questions about your child’s progress after reviewing this report, please contact your child’s teacher directly. 


As we head off into summer, I want to take a moment to recognize our amazing students, staff and families! This year has not been without bumps in the road, but there have also been many celebrations and successes. I hope this summer brings you all an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate! 


Sincerely, Carol MacArthur

Principal, Grades 4-5

[email protected]


In an effort to save on paper, newsletters are sent via email and posted on our web page.

If you would prefer a paper copy each month, please let your child’s teacher know.



Office Reminders

  • School begins at 8:45 AM.  Students arrive at 8:15 AM. 
  • Please remember to have your child complete the Daily Symptom Screener before leaving home each day.
  • If your child will be absent from school, please call the main office to notify us of that absence at 829-4815 or send an email to [email protected]. If we do not hear from you letting us know your child will be absent, please expect a phone call from the school to check on your child’s status.  
  • If your child arrives after 8:45AM, he/she is tardy to school and needs to check-in at the office before going to the classroom.
  • Please communicate with the office prior to 2:30pm if there is a change in your child’s afternoon schedule. Remember that buses may only transport students to & from home and/or a childcare facility.

We greatly appreciate your attention to these procedures, as they help to ensure that our routines run smoothly and efficiently.




From the Nurses


Medications held in the Nurse’s office and end of year pick up plan!


  • If your child has Emergency Medication (inhaler or Epi-pen) or as needed medication (non-controlled) your child will carry it home in their backpack on the last day of school. Your nurse will ensure the medication is given to your child. 
  • If your child takes Daily Medication we will reach out to you directly to arrange for parent/guardian pick up of any remaining doses.


We would like to thank our Greely Middle School Community for all of your patience, communication and understanding throughout the last few years. We truly appreciate it!




Lora Rolfe [email protected]

Nancy Terison [email protected]





If you would like to volunteer, please sign up here.  




From the 4th and 5th grade Civil Rights Team

Happy Pride Month

We want all students to feel proud of themselves and feel accepted here at school for exactly who they are. We work hard in 4th and 5th grade towards achieving that goal. 


Here are a couple picture books that address gender identity and pride in one's self: 

  1. It Feels Good To Be Yourself: a book about gender identity by Theresa Thorn and illustrated by Noah Grigni
  2. I am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings, illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas
  3. It's OK to Be Different by Todd Parr


The mission of the Civil Rights Team is to help our school be a safe and welcoming place for everyone who enters the building.  We help schools think and talk about race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, disabilities, gender (identity and expression), and sexual orientation because our schools are for everyone.


Katie Campbell and Ali Waterhouse

Civil Rights Team Advisors



Parent/Guardian Support

Summer Screen Time 

As summer approaches, it is a great time to consider and perhaps try to re-set children's screen time.  Here are some important indicators to think about: 


  1. It is hard for my child to stop using their screen.
  2. Screen time is the only thing that motivates my child.
  3. My child becomes frustrated when they can't use their screen.
  4. Screen media is all my child seems to think about.
  5. The amount of screen time my child wants keeps increasing.
  6. When they have a bad day, the only thing that makes them feel better is screen time. 
  7. My child's screen use interferes with family activities. 
  8. My child's screen time causes problems for our family.
  9. My child sneaks screen time. 


The above list is taken from this article .   It can help you determine if your child's screen time is problematic and if so, how to go about making some healthy changes.  Summer might just be the perfect time.



Be well and take good care of your mental health! 

Katie Campbell, school social worker

Ali Waterhouse, school counselor 





Congratulations to the chorus and band on an awesome concert! 


Middle School Chorus

5th grade parents, don't forget to sign your child up for 6th grade chorus! It's during the school day and starting next year it will not conflict with any RTI support! Students can easily participate in both band AND chorus. No prior chorus experience necessary. If you have questions, please email Bethany Perkins Hall at [email protected]



Please be sure to read the information that pertains to your child’s grade and band “status.”


For 5th graders currently in band

I’m sorry I missed you at the meeting for incoming 6th graders last week. Here are some things to know about band in grade 6:

  • Full Band and small group lessons are DURING school - no after school rehearsals!
  • Band (and chorus) are scheduled during the same period as study hall. Students are not missing other classes to be in the performing arts.
  • Students may be in both band and chorus if they wish. Ms. Perkins Hall and I work out the schedule to accommodate students who wish to participate in both ensembles.
  • Band and chorus are both graded
  • Instruments over the summer? Students who will be in band next year should hold on to their current instrument over the summer (and maybe even practice it!). If you need to return an instrument and need help, please email me.
  • Switching instruments? Students often ask me about switching instruments but I like to remind them that changing to an entirely new instrument will put them back at “square one” and would make participation in full band difficult. I will, however, introduce the bass clarinet to the clarinet players, tenor and baritone saxophone to the saxophone players. A small number will be selected to transition to these instruments, based on interest and ability.

For 5th graders who wish to be in band next year (but are not now)

It’s important to recognize that students who start learning an instrument now will have to work at it in order to catch up with their peers and participate in the full band. Motivated, independent students will have the most success with this. If possible, I would encourage interested students to start as soon as possible (immediately or over the summer). While I don’t have time in my schedule to provide in-person instruction now, I would be very happy to share instructional videos that I have created over the last couple of years for all of the common beginning band instruments. Private lessons are a great way to go but please contact an experienced teacher. Please email me for more information about getting started!


For 4th graders who want to start band in grade 5

Mr. Saunders will be introducing the band instruments during general music classes over the next few weeks and I will visit his classes when I am able to answer any questions. There will be a number of activities planned and in early June, I will send home detailed information about signing up for next year, getting an instrument, etc. So for now, it’s just time for your children to think about and get excited about band!


Looking forward!

Sarah Cummings  [email protected]




News from the Library


As the school year winds down, Library books need to be making their way back; ANY BOOKS- no matter when they were checked out!  Outstanding materials will be billed for after the last day of school but if the books are located, we'd much rather have them returned than paid for.  Thanks for your help!


Next year's Maine Student Book Award Nominees list is out!  Students in grades 4-8 are invited & encouraged to read at least 3 from the list and will have the opportunity to vote next March.


There are many sources for summer reading needs available to all students.

  • The GMS Library Summer Reading List is a great place to look for suggestions on what to read next.  Award winners, recommended reads, and much more are included in this document.  Printed copies will be available for perusal in the GMS Main Office & at PML or you can read through it online.
  • Prince Memorial Library is kicking off the summer reading program on June 18th & is using the Beanstack app again this year.  Check out their website for more information.  The library has all of the MSBA nominees!  
  • ALL STUDENTS have access to Sora (found in Clever, the Google 'waffle,' or on the library website) & Follett Destiny (accessed through the library website) for ebooks and digital audio books.  They use their school Google account to log in.  Many MSBA can be found in Sora, too.

A Look into Literacy


It is hard to believe that the year is winding down.  The feel of summer is in the air, and both students and staff are ready for some summer fun!  Reading and writing can be a part of your child’s daily activities this summer.  I am including some fun choice boards below for 4th and 5th grade students to use to help keep up those important reading and writing skills during the summer…and have a great time doing it!  If you have your child do these types of activities, it will help them start off next year on the right foot.

 Below you will find several links.  The first one has two choice boards for reading.   The first one is for fiction books, and the second is for nonfiction.   They can be used with any book(s), and you can print them then have your child cross off activities as they go.

The next three links are for writing choice boards for June, July and August.   It will prompt you to make your own copy of the slideshow.  The “x” is to be used to cross off activities as your child does them.
  You will also find a link below to the Prince Memorial Library brochure for summer activities.  They are kicking things off on Saturday, 6/18. I hope you find these resources helpful, and that your child enjoys the activities.  Have a fantastic summer!


Submitted by Janet Giguere, Grades 4-5 Literacy Specialist

  Summer Reading Choice Boards

  June Writing Choice Board

  July Writing Choice Board

  August Writing Choice Board

  Prince Memorial Library


The Math Corner 

Submitted by Shannon Peterson, Grades 3-5 Math Specialist


Summertime is almost upon us!  But along with the warm weather comes the not-so-fun reality...the summer slide. Math concepts and skills are particularly vulnerable. One way to help your child avoid this is by playing quick games to keep math skills sharp. Doing a little bit at a time and more often is much better than doing a whole lot once in a while. Another way to avoid learning loss is to look for real-life ways to implement math. 


Here are some resources to help keep math skills sharp:

Grade 4 Summer Math Choice Board 

Grade 5 Summer Math Choice Board



The Late Bus


In addition to regular, daily dismissal, a late bus is also available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for students who stay for co-curricular activities or after-school academic support.  Buses pick up students from GMS at 4:15pm and transport them home. Please be aware that depending on the number of students riding the late bus on a given day, your child's arrival time at home may vary.  If you have specific questions about the late bus, please feel free to call the Transportation Garage at 829-4820.


Co-Curricular Activities


Monday After School:

5th grade Band - Ms. Cummings [email protected]

Tuesday After School:

Chorus - Mrs. Perkins-Hall [email protected]

Thursday After School:

5th grade Math Team - Mrs. Provencher [email protected]

Ukulele Club- Mr. Saunders [email protected]

Newspaper Club - Ms. Coughlin [email protected] 

Unfortunately, the club is at capacity and not able to accept new members at this time.

During the School Day: 

Civil Rights Team - Mrs. Waterhouse [email protected] & Mrs.Campbell [email protected]

Green Team - [email protected]